Bananacoin A Totally Dynamic Way Of ICO Trend

Bananacoin gets its investors.
Maybe not in the sense we’ve got them. We get them, we understand them. And trust me it is simple really. Our investors are people just like us. Lot’s of my friends have become Bananacoin investors. People from all over the world – England, USA, Europe, Asia – anyplace really.

Bananacoin has a website and social networking platforms having 5 languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese and Japanese.

Of course, we have representation in most social media and a fantastic team working on it. But I love to communicate to investors via Telegram.
Of course, I am a busy man. I am a CEO of a successful business, entrepreneur and also a father of 4 but I am always ON in Telegram answering questions and conversing with different people.

I actually have just made it around the world spreading the word about Bananacoin and attracting new investors. So many of them I did meet personally.
Thailand, Singapore, Mongolia, USA – I’ve presented Bananacoin in blockchain associated events and we have made quite an impression. The more I talk about Bananacoin the more investors and followers we bring. And no, I’m not bragging – it’s just the way thing go – great project gets their great people.

Sometimes when I have a minute I even stream life and answer peoples questions in such time.
But my favorite network is still Telegram.
We’ve even conducted a marketing if frames of that 2 individuals have won a trip to Laos and got an opportunity to see the plantain for themselves.
They came, they saw that the plantation, although they were completely different individuals from the different¬†area of the world still their first impression was exactly the same”It is so real!” They say.

You know, the majority of the blockchain sell nearly air – augmented reality, monetary goods. And it is not that I am against it, it is just I don’t know a lot about it. I don’t need it. I would like to be productive so that I create.

And our investors, they also get us.
Within their interviews that the winners stated repeatedly that the social purpose of the company means a great deal for them.
“I understand that my money will not simply bring me a profit, but also benefit local population generating new jobs with great conditions – the ones which are so important and so needed in Asia.” – said one of them.

It is true. Cultivating new lands Bananacoin not only provides new jobs for the men and women who really need one, but also brings electricity and water for the surrounding cities of their fresh farm.
And also the fact that our investors appreciate it signifies a great deal for me personally.

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