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Slim Weight Patch is the diet patch that can make you lose weight so that you can get a slim waist and a perfect body shape quick and fast.

Not everyone is fond of diet pills and supplements. For such people, a weight loss or diet patch is the perfect alternative to losing weight. It is easy to use, inexpensive and make you lose weight faster that pills and other weight loss supplements.

Slim Weight Patch is:

Easy to use Just stick it to your skin in the morning and you are done for the day.

Inexpensive and far less priced as compared to fat burners and appetite suppressants

Safe and free of side effects

Can make you lose 2-6 pounds a week etc.,


How Does a Diet Patch Work?


A diet patch is the perfect example of a Transdermal Patch. I am sure you have already heard of Nicotine patches. These patches tend to release their ingredients into your body through the skin pores. The major advantage of this kind of a delivery system is that the ingredients directly reach the bloodstream.

In other words, ingredients do not have to go through your stomach or intestines to reach the bloodstream. What it means is that there is no wastage or neutralisation of the ingredients by the digestive fluids and stomach acids.

This ensures that a small dosage can produce the desired effect. Less dosage also means the reduced possibility of side effects.

More importantly, it cuts down the reaction time and produces much faster effects.

What is even more interesting is that a diet patch releases the ingredients slowly and steadily into your bloodstream for as long as you keep wearing the patch. This ensures sustained effect throughout the day.


A friend of mine recommended your patches to me and I laughed when she told me you just stick them on and that it. I just couldn’t believe that my skin would absorb things. But when my friend gave the example of nicotine patches, I felt a bit stupid. Of course, I ordered your patches after that and this is my 3rd order. I have lost almost 2 stone. The only downside is that I have to keep buying new clothes. Yes I know I should be happy and I am, but it’s costing me a fortune. Looking forward to summer now!

Slim Weight Patch Ingredients and Benefits


Slim Weight Patch is made with 100% natural ingredients that make your body burn fat faster so that you can lose weight quickly. What makes it even more credible is that the ingredients used are backed by clinical studies and approvals.

Some of the ingredients in Slim Weight Patch include:

GUARANA It is a great energy booster and is widely used in the US as an energy drink. However, increasing energy is just one of its benefits. One of its other benefits is that it helps boost your metabolism so that your body is able to burn fats faster. This helps melt away fat deposits from your body.

ZINC PYRUVATE It is a potent mix of highly unstable pyruvic acid with other minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium. It not only boosts your metabolism but is also highly effective in lowering cholesterol levels. Besides this, it can also help increase your energy levels.

YERBA MATE This is a herb that is native to Paraguay where it is taken as a complete meal replacement. It is a powerful natural appetite suppressant. It reduces hunger pangs and food cravings so that you eat less and reduce your caloric consumption. Diet control is important if you really want to lose weight and yerba mate is an excellent appetite suppressor.

LECITHIN – This is an ingredient that aids in breaking down fat and cholesterol. Not just this, it is also highly effective in preventing arterial congestion.

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA This is yet another natural ingredient that helps suppress appetite and boost metabolism as well. It is native to India and is highly effective in weight control.

Some of the other ingredients include focus vesiculous, 5HTP, L-carnitine, zinc citrate etc.,